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Ask  us  about  our  NEW  Ongoing  Maintenance  Service  Program  valued  at  $120  per  service.

We proudly service most of the commercial coffee machines.

Periodic Coffee Machine Service

Apart from weekly maintenance, your espresso machine will require a regular quarterly or semi-annual tune-up by a qualified Espresso Service Technician.

We can replace the seals (gaskets) in your group heads, calibrate your machine’s brewing temperature, steam pressure, water pump pressure, replace water filters, and conduct a general check of all the other components in your machine such as: auto-fill probes, steam/water valve mechanisms, waste water drainage, touchpads volumetric programming, flow of steam to wands, antivacuum valve check-up etc.

We also service the following commercial grinders.

Coffee Grinder service

Grinder burrs/blades will become dull after extended use. As a result of this, the particles of ground coffee will not be even in size and shape. This will have a very bad effect on how the espresso shot comes up in terms of the flavour. Depending on your business volume, you will want to replace your burrs once or twice a year.

The regular periodic inspection and service of the grinder includes: removing all the coffee from the doser and the grinding chamber,
replacing burrs/blades or brushing them clean, resetting/recalibrating.

NEW! Ongoing Maintenance Service Program

This program has been developed for busy and discerning Customers who want to be trouble free when it comes to cleaning of their brewing equipment (commercial coffee machines and grinders) and who also want to offer the best tasting coffee product.

Currently we are offering inspection/cleaning service on a weekly/fortnightly monthly or quarterly basis at the cost of $120.00 per service. This price includes replacing some parts such as seals, showers, spacers. Your only costs will be: water filter (to be replaced twice a year), grinder blades (to be replaced every 18 months) and basket springs.

Our Maintenance Service includes the following tasks and checks:

  • the coffee machine group heads and steamers professionally cleaned
  • the volumetric control touchpads rechecked and reprogrammed if necessary for correct dispensation of coffee
  • the quality of water monitored each and every time
  • the grinder set up for optimal coffee fineness inspected and recalibrated if necessary to create the perfect coffee extraction.
  • the grinder blades inspected and cleaned
  • water temperature from groups monitored and maintained at 86-93 degrees
  • water pressure and steam pressure check up
  • basket springs examined
  • waste box and waste water output purged
  • knock out tube cleaned
  • all equipment and bench area left cleaned


  • water filter to be replaced every 6 months
  • grinder blades to be replaced every 18 months

Note: the Customer is charged extra for water filter and grinder blades.

To book the service call    0413 574 000

Ask  us  about  our  NEW  Ongoing  Maintenance  Service  Program  valued  at  $120  per  service.